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Talk of the Towns 12/14/18

Producer/Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Engineer: Joel Mann

Community concerns and opportunities: Developing Small Business Climate in Washington County

Key Discussion Points:

What is overall picture of Washington County? Historical perspective, Natural Resource base, Economics, Demographics… what are the most significant regional assets? What challenges does the region face?

Focus on the role of small business in the region… definition, contribution to economy and community life? Opportunities and challenges?

What led to the development of the new Machias Valley Center for Entrepreneurship? What is the core mission and how do you envision it working?
How will you develop the Nash Building… what will we see when the work is complete? How will this new center connect small businesses to other partners and resources?

What is happening with downtown revitalization, what buildings have been “saved” in recent years (including Machias Savings Bank building), and how does the Nash Building fits into the hopes and plans to continue revitalization work.

What do you appreciate about doing business and living in Machias region? If this entrepreneurship center had been operating when you were getting started, how might it been helpful?


Charles Rutelitch, Exec. Director, Sunrise County Economic Council
Larry Barker, President & CEO, Machias Savings Bank
Bill Kitchen, Member, Machias Town Council 774-364-2518
Andrea Lyford, owner of A29 Marketing 207 271 3262