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Maine Currents 11/14/17

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

“THE ELECTION OF TRUMP: ONE YEAR LATER” – a panel discussion held at the University of Maine on 11/9/17. The panelists were Kimberly Hammill, of the Bangor Racial and Economic Justice Coalition, Maia Dendinger of the Socialist Party of Maine, and Doug Allen, a Professor of Philosophy and peace activist who also moderated the discussion

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Healthy Options 8/1/12

Host: Andree Bella
Engineer: Amy Browne
Issue: Health/Violence
Program Topic: “Violence: Our Deadly Epidemic and Its Causes”
Key Discussion Points:
What causes violence?
How does our shame culture help to increase violence?
What can we do to prevent violence in our culture?

Dr. James Gilligan, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, New York University

Call In Program: no