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Talk of the Towns 1/13/12

Issue: Education/ Economy
Program Name: Talk of the Towns
Broadcast Date: January 13, 2012
Broadcast Time: 10-11AM
Program Topic: Careers for Today and Tomorrow: Higher Ed’s role in preparing students
Key Discussion Points:
· Where is Maine’s economy headed and what are the careers of today and tomorrow?
· What is higher education’s role in preparing students for the careers of today and tomorrow?
· An example of career preparation is exposure to the process of engineering—starting with a problem and designing something new or improved to solve that problem… you are taking that approach statewide, through the Innovation Engineering Program… tell us how that is working?
· In addition to preparing students for careers, the University has a unique role with innovation, so that the ideas that students and faculty develop get picked up by business and improve productivity and, in the long run, profits and new jobs… talk about how that potential is being realized at UM?
· You have begun serving on the State Workforce Investment Board… what is the purpose of this board and how will it carry out its work?
· What were the University Higher Education Centers designed to do and how have they evolved?
· How are Hancock County residents taking advantage of the Higher Education Center in Ellsworth? What would we see if we were to visit?
· There is a mix of students using higher education to gain career skills… technical colleges, community colleges, university students. Describe how you are creating new partnerships to meet these various needs?
· Beyond developing career skills, and becoming proficient, what about the broader goal of education, using knowledge to lift people up? How is that goal addressed within the Higher Education Centers?
· How do you see the University Higher Education Center contributing to the economy and community life in Hancock County?
· Where do you see the local economy heading, and how is the higher ed center helping students prepare?
· What led you to begin classes at the higher ed center? What makes the center a good match for your needs? Where would you like to be in 5 years?
· What attracted you to teach at the higher ed center? What works well with this approach to education, what are the challenges for students and how are you and others meeting them? What is satisfying… tell a story about a student you have followed after graduation…
· What are your hopes for how higher education continues to help people develop the skills and qualifications for careers of today and tomorrow?

Guests by name and affiliation:
1. Renee Kelly, Director of Economic Development Initiatives & Co-Director of the Foster Student Innovation Center
2. Bonnie Sparks, Director, Hancock County Higher Education Center
3. Micki Sumpter, Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce
4. Joan Piskura, December graduate
5. Jeanne Edwards, instructor, EMMC

Call In Program: Yes
Political Broadcast: No
Host: Ron Beard
Engineer: Amy Browne