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RadioActive 5/25/17

Guest Producer/Host: Meredith DeFrancesco

Issue: Environmental and Social Justice

Program Topic: Trump Proposed Budget Cuts to EPA and Social Safety Net

1) This morning, a coalition of organizations gathered to voice opposition to President Trump’s deep cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency proposed in his 2018 budget.
2). 60 organizations will present a letter to Maine’s Congressional delegation today imploring them to push back against the deep cuts and program eliminations that would impact Mainers. These include cuts to clean water protections, funding to brownfield and Superfund sites, indoor and outdoor pollution. climate change and the EPA lead program.
3) We also look at the Trump Administration’s deep proposed budget cuts to social safety net programs. These include a 29% to Food Stamps, a 19% cut to the Children’s Heath Insurance Program, a 17% to Medicaid, a 13% to Temporary Assistance to Needy Families and a 12% to Unemployment insurance.

Jeff Wallace, Housing Rehabilitation Coordinator, City of Bangor
Samantha Paradis, Staff Nurse, Waldo County General Hospital
Patrick MacRoy, Epidemiologist, Environmental Health and Strategy Center
Pete Didisheim, Advocacy Director, Natural Resources Council of Maine
Ann Woloson, Policy Analyst, Maine Equal Justice Partners

This program was produced in partnership with the Sunlight Media Collective.