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Healthy Options 7/01/09

Producer/Host: Cynthia Swan
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne
Topic: Integrative Options for Chronic Pain Management
How can suffering be resolved? What is CST and how does it help release energetic patterns that create suffering? How can one change to end their suffering?
Terry Miller, Lilypond Health Team, Rockport, a former nurse, certified in craniosacral and trauma release therapy, art and science of yoga, and a spiritual mentor. as well as the host of a weekly health show on WFRF in Rockand. FMI: 207-785-5785 or [email protected]

Mary O’Herin, Lic.Ac., National Board Certified, Accupuncturist, FMI: 207-319-3119 or [email protected]

Sandra Turner, M. Ac., WATSU, Water Shiatsu, FMI: 207-975-8222 or [email protected]

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