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Notes from the Electronic Cottage 2/7/19

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Facial Recognition Update 2019

“Imagine a government tracking everywhere you walked over the past month without your permission or knowledge. Imagine a database of everyone who attended a political rally that constitutes the very essence of free speech…” Words of some tin-hat wearing technophobe? Nope, the words of Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, talking about the potential of uncontrolled use of facial recognition technology, a technology whose uses he and many others feel requires government oversight. Here’s why.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 9/1/16

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

These days, there are lots of ways besides cookies that companies are using to track us as we move around the Web. A recent research paper refers to these new tracking tools as “fingerprinting.” Here’s how some of them work. If you’d like to see just how your computer can be identified by some of these tools, go to You will probably be surprised – and maybe dismayed.