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RadioActive 9/7/17

Guest Producer/Host: Carolyn Coe

Palestinian refugees
Syrian refugees

Palestinian refugees empower themselves and educate others about their situation by publishing their own stories. Both Palestinians and Syrians volunteer or find often low-paid work with NGOs as the Lebanese government makes work in many fields very challenging if not impossible. Some refugees find work in the refugee camps themselves. Meanwhile, NGOs offer scholarships and educational and cultural experiences to individuals in different marginalized communities, including refugees, to help give youth hope and resolve conflicts in Lebanese society.

In this program, we meet a Palestinian and Syrian refugee who attended a We Are Not Numbers writing workshop. Both share their personal stories, including the challenges they face in Lebanon. We also meet the founder of Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP), which works with the different marginalized communities in Lebanon–Syrian and Palestinian refugees as well as Lebanese public school students.The Social Support Society, the umbrella organization for ULYP, runs a physical therapy center in Borj el Barajneh camp. There we meet Amira Dabbagh, one of the therapists on staff.

Huda Ibrahim Dawood, volunteer coordinator in Lebanon of We Are Not Numbers
Dalia Swaid, former school teacher, Syrian refugee living in northern Lebanon
Melek Nimr, founder of Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP)
Amira Dabbagh, physical therapist in Borj el Barajneh, a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon