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Healthy Options 4/4/18

Producer/Host: Rhonda Feiman
Co-Producer: Petra Hall
Engineer: John Greenman

Adverse Childhood Experiences(ACES) and their effects on long term health, brain development and behavior

Key Discussion Points:
What is an Adverse Childhood Experience?
What are we learning about how these experiences effect learning and health?
How is learning effected by ACES experiences?
Are there ways to help children and adults who have experienced ACES?
How are teachers being trained to identify and work with students affected by ACES?
What programs exist in Maine to address these issues?
What is the role of Health Care workers in identifying and treating the heatlh effects of ACES?
What is Toxic Stress and how does this impact health?
What programs and information exist nationally to diagnose and treat?
What can be done to prevent ACES and promote resilience in adults and children?

Sue Mackey Andrews co-founded and continues to serve as Co-Facilitator of the Maine Resilience Building Network (MRBN). She travels statewide sparking conversations focused on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and promoting resilience in children, families and our communities using a cross-sector, community-based approach.
She has been recognized by both the Maine Children’s Trust and the Maine Children’s Alliance for her child advocacy work, and received the ACEs Avenger Award in 2017 from the Maine Resilience-Building Network.
Sue Mackey Andrews is also the monthly host of Family Corner here on WERU, at 10 a.m., on the 4th Wednesday of each month.

Patrick Walsh retired as the Director of Prevention Services at Broadreach Family & Community Services, worked for the Knox County District Attorney’s Office as a Prosecutorial Assistant, and was Director of the Waldo County Child and Parent Council. Patrick Walsh also worked as a Victim & Witness Advocate for Waldo and Knox counties, and has been an ombudsman for the Waldo County Committee for Social Action. He has served on a number of commissions and advisory boards focused on child, youth and family safety, and currently he is facilitating the Midcoast Resilience Project.

WEBSITES OF INTEREST (for a more extensive list of resources, please contact Patrick Walsh [email protected] )
Maine Resilience Building Network (MRBN) –
Midcoast Resilience Project on Facebook –
Maine Children’s Trust – Working to prevent the abuse and neglect of Maine’s Children
KPJR Films – “Resilience: The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope page –
Center on the Developing Child – Harvard University –
“Miss Kendra” – Alive! –
ACEs Too High (news) –
ACEs Connection – This website has a long list of resources and opportunity to join a “group” with similar professional interests/concerns: i.e A group to share ideas on mitigating the effects of adverse childhood experiences in the K-12 environment.
Futures Without Violence (Defending Childhood Initiative) –
Lives In the Balance – the website of Dr. Ross Greene author of “The Explosive Child” and “Lost in the Classroom”, developer of the process formerly known as (Collaborative Problem Solving) now known as Creative and Proactive Solutions.
National Child Traumatic Stress Network –