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Coastal Conversations 3/27/15

Producer/Host: Natalie Springuel
Studio Engineer: John Greenman

Issue: Maine coastal and ocean issues

Program Topic: Seal and Whale Strandings in Maine: Why they happen and why we respond

Key Discussion Points:
a) Why do marine mammals strand/beach themselves, which ones do, when is it a concern?
b) What are necropsies and other methods for responding to strandings of live and dead marine mammals?
c) What should the public do / not do when they encounter a stranded seal or whale in Maine?

Sean Todd, Director, Allied Whale at College of the Atlantic
Rosie Seton, Marine Mammal Stranding Coordinator, Allied Whale
Dr. Carissa Bielamowicz, Veterinarian, Harbor Road Veterinary in South Thomaston
Grace Shears, Marine Mammal Strandings Volunteer