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Talk of the Towns 5/24/13

Producer/Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Engineer: Amy Browne

Program Topic: Eating local from land and sea—creating a Maine Food Strategy

Key Discussion Points]:
a) What is a food system and how do seafood, including aquaculture products, and products from local farming fit into Maine’s food system?
b) Are there differences and similarities between local seafood and local food from agriculture in taking advantage of consumer interest in “local food”?
c) What are the ways that seafood harvesters and local-scale processors are finding to make connections with consumers… what are the successes and challenges? (farmer’s markets, Community Supported Agriculture models, Maine Fresh Catch, etc)
d) What have we learned from these experiments and successes?
e) At some levels, food is considered a “commodity” where uniformity, volume and high degrees of processing “delivers the goods”. Where does “quality” and freshness fit in to seafood side of food system? How do these attributes play out on the landward side, in local agriculture?
f) Who are some of the people and organizations who are working to link sea food with Maine’s food system and local consumers?
g) What is the process for coming up with a Maine Food Strategy?
h) How can harvesters, processers and consumers learn more, work together?
i) List resources and contact info for your organizations
j) Wrap up with each guest sharing “hopes for the future” as Maine develops its food strategy.

Monique Coombs, Maine Sea Food Marketing Network
Amanda Beal, Eat Local Food Coalition
Sebastian Bell, Maine Aquaculture Association

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