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Talk of the Towns 6/8/12

Host: Paul Anderson, University of Maine Sea Grant
Engineer: Joel Mann

Issue: Marine resources development
Program Topic: Sea Weed Aquaculture

Key Discussion Points (list at least 3):
a) History of Ocean Approved, Inc. producing cultured sea weed food products
b)Seaweed Aquaculture – process, species, research and development
c)Seaweed Products and market opportunities
d)What is Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture – defined and developments
e) What are Potential User Conflicts and integration with commercial fishing
f) How does seaweed aquaculture fit into Maine’s Seafood industry in general

A) Sarah Redmond, Maine Sea Grant and Cooperative Extension
B) Dana Morse, Maine Sea Grant and Cooperative Extension
C) Shepp Erhardt, Maine Coast Sea Vegetables
D) Tolef Olsen, Ocean Approved, Inc. (by telephone)

Call In Program: Yes