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Talk of the Towns 12/13/13

Producer/Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Program Topic: Connecting youth to out of school experiences to support Science, Math, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education

Key Discussion Points:
• What do we know about the ways in which young people make lasting connections to the knowledge base and applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics?
• What happens in school and what happens out of school that helps develop curiosity about STEM subjects? What gets in the way of taking natural curiosity in these subjects toward STEM literacy or mastery?
• Not that pursuit of post secondary education and higher income is everything, but what do we know about the r relationship between interest and success in STEM subjects in K-12 schooling and the likelihood of a college degree and income levels?
• Are there any other organizations helping you with this project?
• How is MMSA developing the STEM Guide initiative in the two current Hubs, in the Blue Hill/Deer Isle area and in the Dexter-Dover area?
• What do you or will you and other guides do week-to-week to stimulate and nurture student curiosity and learning outside of the classroom? What is the role of STEM guides – how does one find them?
• Even though you’re only in the early stages of your STEM Guide project, what are some examples of ways in which your work as STEM Guides has helped youth in your hubs?
• How do you connect your own background to the interests of students?
• What words of advice or encouragement can you offer to others who might want to serve as resources for local youth in the same way that you have?
• What are the personal rewards, from your point of view, of helping young people in this way?

Tom Keller, Maine Math and Science Alliance
Alyson Saunders, STEM Guide, Dexter-Dover Hub
Judy Mathewson, STEM Guide, Blue Hill-Deer Isle Hub
Bill Shaw, former STEM Guide, retired biochemist, Stonington
Micheal Senter-Zapata- student at Harvard, graduate of George Stevens