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Talk of the Towns 11/8/13

Producer/Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Program Topic: Strengthening Rural Transportation Resources

Key Discussion Points
1. Outline of the purpose of November 6 Transportation Summit in Machias and how it was organized to learn more, share successes and identify opportunities for collaboration.
2. An overview of the elements of our current community transportation system, both that we have effective but limited coordination of volunteer drivers, we have a couple of strands of public transportation, including services for medical transport reimbursed by Medicaid, and a fair number of gaps…
3. What is the role of Friends in Action, including its current geographical limits and what forms of support exist for transportation elsewhere
4. What are the particular needs of people getting cancer treatment and the role that Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center and others play
5. What insights were gleaned at the summit… what did you learn… what inspired you?
6. What are the opportunities to strengthen our community transportation system that were identified at the summit for further exploration
7. Beyond the summit, what are your next steps and share resources/contact information

a. Elsie Flemings, Healthy Acadia
b. Michael Reisman, Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center
c. Jo Cooper, Friends in Action
d. Jim Fisher, Hancock County Planning Commission