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RadioActive 10/26/17

Producer: Meredith DeFrancesco

Environmental and Social Justice: Nurse’s Delegation to Puerto Rico and Nestle’s Commodification of Maine Water

a) Today we speak with Amy Lee Tidd, a registered nurse from Bangor, who has just returned from two weeks in Puerto Rico as part of a Registered Nurse Response Network delegation.
b) We talk with her about the continuing health crisis in Puerto Rico, with lack of potable water, food, safe housing and the electricity needed to power life saving medical equipment.
c) We also hear from water rights activist, Nickie Sekera, on Nestle/Poland Spring’s commodification of Maine water.

Guests by name and affiliation:
Amy Lee Tidd, Bangor nurse with National Nurses Unites, Registered Nurse Response Network (RNRN)
Nickie Sekera, Community Water Justice