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Democracy Forum 1/20/17

Host: Ann Luther, League of Women Voters of Maine    
Engineer: John Greenman

Program Topic: The Civic Mission of Public Education

Key Discussion Points:
a) What is the historical role of public education in American democracy and civic life?
b) Do inequities in public education and the failure of public schools to prepare all children for citizenship contribute to political inequality?
c) What can citizens do?

a) Meira Levinson, Professor of Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education
b) Bill Richards, Maine educator and former Associate Commissioner of Instruction for Maine.

To learn more about this topic:
a) Education and Equality, by Danielle Allen
b) “If Democracies Need Informed Voters, How Can They Thrive While Expanding Enfranchisement?” by Jennifer Hochschild
c) “Why Did We Stop Teaching Political History?” by Fredrik Logevall and Kenneth Osgood in the New York Times
d) No Citizen Left Behind, by Meira Levinson

The all-volunteer team at the League of Women Voters – Downeast who plan and coordinate this series includes:
Don Carmichael
Suzanne Carmichael
Starr Gilmartin
Maggie Harling
Linda Hoskins
Ann Luther
Maryann Ogonowski
Pam Person
Leah Taylor
Linda Washburn

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