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Democracy Forum 8/13/12

Producer/Host: Ann Luther, League of Women Voters
Studio Engineer: Joel Mann

Issue: Participatory Democracy
Program Topic: Tea Party: What Can We Learn about Civic Engagement

Key Discussion Points:
a) the Tea Party movement, who are its members and what do they believe; and
b) the Tea Party’s impact on elections and governing,
c) what it means for civic participation


-Theda Skocpol, Victor S. Thomas Professor of Government and Sociology at Harvard University,
-Amy Fried, Professor of Political Science at the University of Maine,

Call In Program: No

Democracy Forum 5/14/12

Host: Ann Luther, League of Women Voters
Engineer: Joel Mann

(NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, this audio file is 47 mins long, and the recording starts with the show in progress)

Issue: Participatory Democracy

Key Discussion Points:
a) Do corporations have too much power in politics and government? What is the source of their power? Campaign finance? Lobbying? How does corpororate economic power translate into political power?
b) Do you think free enterprise and democracy go together? Do concerns about corporate power translate into concerns about capitalism as an economic system?
c) Discuss your ideas on what is needed for a healthy democracy to work? Has our own system been healthier at other times? What would be the proper role of corporations and very wealthy individuals? What can ordinary citizens do to make things work better?

Robert Monks, shareholder activist, author, and corporate governance adviser,

Call In Program: Yes