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Notes from the Electronic Cottage 7/19/18

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Indictments for a dozen Russians for trying to influence our American Presidential election, hearings on how the use of Facebook users personal data was used to try to influence our Presidential election – these headlines point to an incredibly important underlying question: how can we keep Americans’ online personal information secure so that its illegal use does not undermine our system of government? Let’s look at some recommendations from the oldest and largest organization of computer professionals in the world.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 7/12/18

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Breaches and misuse of personal information

Breaches and misuse of personal information held by companies, social media sites, data brokers, etc. are unfortunately very common these days. What can we do about them? The Association for Computing Machinery has some ideas, and they are pretty good ones. They sent those suggestions to the Senate. Here’s why the Senate – and all of us – might want to pay attention.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 7/5/18

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Establishing identity online – and often offline – is a bit challenge. Back in 2002, the National Academy of Sciences issued a report entitled “IDs-Not That Easy: Questions About Nationwide Identity Systems.” As businesses and government search for a way to establish people’s identity online, we would be wise to keep in mind the questions that report raised 18 years ago.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 6/28/18

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

What would you say is the biggest challenge online? Whatever you said at first, upon reflection, you will probably agree with many of the world’s digital experts: the biggest challenge online is establishing identity. For lack of a better system, many online companies have resorted to using Social Security numbers. As we’ve seen in a year of hundreds of millions of breached identity cases, that has put those who buy, sell, bank or just use social media in a world of hurt. We need a new system – here’s why.