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Notes from the Electronic Cottage 3/23/17

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about electronic surveillance of Americans, and the capabilities that government agencies like the NSA and CIA have to monitor us citizens. But what does all this information means, and how might it affect our day-to-day lives? Here are some thoughts on that subject.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 3/16/17

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Amidst the huffing and puffing that passes for government these days, you may be forgiven if you haven’t heard that the very important Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) will expire at the end of 2017 unless Congress renews it. This is a part of FISA that attempts to control, albeit to a less than optimum degree, what the NSA can and cannot do within the borders of the United States. It is a really important law that could stand improvement.

For background info: 702

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 5/14/15

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

A bit of an update today of interesting news items dealing with realms electronic that may have slipped past our radar ranging from a new digital cane for the sight-impaired, to a court ruling on the NSA’s bulk data gathering of phone records.

WERU News Special Report 6/13/11

Producer/Editor: Amy Browne
Interviewer: Robert Shetterly

Award-winning artist and activist Robert Shetterly continues his series of conversations with the subjects of his portrait series “Americans Who Tell the Truth” in this conversation with Jessalyn Radack of the Government Accountability Project, a whistle-blower protection agency. Radack talks about her own experiences as a government employee and whistle-blower, and about the upcoming espionage trial for former NSA staffer Thomas Drake.

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