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Talk of the Towns 3/13/15

Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: Community concerns and opportunities

Program Topic: Governor LePage’s Tax Reform Plan and its impacts on Maine towns and Non-Profit Organizations

Key Discussion Points:
• Michelle describes Ellsworth… its economy and tax base, with reference to the number/relative size of non-profits, role of city manager and city council in making decisions about property taxes
• Josh describes the mission and programs of Woodlawn Museum, brief history and current estimate of property valuation, if known (land and improvements)
• We review (from published source that Ron will share/bring) a summary of the sorts of changes in Maine’s tax system, as envisioned in the Governor’s budget and other sources. Reminder of the role of the legislature in reviewing Governor’s proposals
• Michelle describes the Maine Municipal Association, its policy review process and shares some of the potential impacts of the proposed tax system changes on municipalities, and the position(s) MMA has taken/is taking on these changes
• Josh describes the potential impacts of proposed change for non-profits—what he has heard from his non-profit colleagues, and potential impact for Woodlawn
• By Phone Joel Johnson, from Maine Center for Economic Policy, describes other potential impacts from the proposed tax reform, especially the reduction or elimination of income tax, shifting of tax burden, concept of tax progressivity, who would benefit and who would be disadvantaged by the Governor’s proposals
• Michelle/Josh shares where listeners can learn more, track the legislative process from MMA and Maine Association of Non Profits points of view

Michelle Beal, City Manager, Ellsworth & President, Maine Municipal Association
Joshua Torrance, Executive Director, Woodlawn Museum, Ellsworth
Joel Johnson, Maine Center for Economic Policy

Talk of the Towns 5/22/09

Producer/Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Topic: Nimble Non-Profits – Strategies in the face of the downturn
What do we know about the non-profit sector in Maine? What do we know about how non-profits are faring as a result of the recession? Erosion of Investments and reserves? Donations to organizations? Escalation of need for community services they provide? How are non-profit leaders coping with these challenges? Are there some “best practices” as non-profits adapt (stay nimble) for the long run? What challenges and opportunities do funders share as they work with non-profits?

Guests: Meredith Jones, President, Maine Community Foundation; Elizabeth Banwell, Director of External Affairs, Maine Association of Non-Profits; Kim Harty, Mount Desert Island YMCA; Mary Laury, Schoodic Arts for All