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Healthy Options 11/6/13

Producer/Host: Andree Bella
Engineer: Joel Mann

Issue: The interface of spirituality and healthcare

Program Topic: Interview with Joseph Pierce Farrell, author of “Manifesting Michelangelo”

Key Discussion Points:
a) What is the difference between mind-body medicine and consciousness-based health care?
b) How did you discover your ability to achieve tangible health benefits in both soft and hard tissue through the use of intention?
c) What kinds of case studies have you documented?
d) What are some of the obstacles you are facing in getting the word out about this method of healing?
e) What are the reactions of the medical doctors who have witnessed rapid wound healing?
f) How do you extend your consciousness into the body of the person seeking help?
g) Is this ability unique to you, or can others learn how to do this too?
h) What is the connection between meditation, spiritual practice and healing?
i) What are you currently working on at the Institute for Spirituality and Healthcare in Princeton, New Jersey?
j) What are the ramifications of your research? What changes in healthcare do you think we will see in the future?

Joseph Pierce Farrell, Director of the Institute of Spirituality and Healthcare