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RadioActive 6/11/09

Producers/Hosts: Meredith DeFrancesco, Meg DeFrancesco, Amy Browne

Today we revisit a proposed project in Milbridge, which would offer 6 units of affordable year round housing for farm workers in that community. On Tuesday, community members will vote on a moratorium which could stop the project.
For over two years, the community organization Mano en Mano has been working on the proposed project. Mano en Mano works with the Latino immigrant community in Milbridge, where there are now reportedly 100 to 150 Latino year round residents, 22 of whom are children. The proposed housing, however, is open to any farm worker in the area.
In the past years, two other housing complexes have been built in the town, and none have received the kind of opposition this one has, which appears to be focused more on the fact that many of those who would be served are immigrant workers.
Mano en Mano and supporters of the project say the central issue is adequate and affordable housing for people who are living, working and going to school in the town, a town which has a 77 applicant waiting list for affordable housing opportunities.
Interviews with:
Anais Tomesko, director of Mano en Mano
Jose Ocampo, Marina (last name not used) and Sylvia (last name not used)
All three are immigrants from Mexico who have been working for a variety of farm and fishing industries in the greater Milbridge area, have children and are looking for affordable housing.