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Notes from the Electronic Cottage 6/18/09

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell
The TopCoder Open is a big deal international computing competition. It was won this year by an 18 year old Chinese lad. Out fo 4200 entrants, there were 70 finalists: 20 were from China, 10 from Russia, 2 from the U.S. About the same time, the Carnegie Corporation of New York issued report entitled “The Opportunity Equation: Transforming Mathematics and Science Education for Citizenship and the Global Economy.” These two events might serve to give pause to those who may think the United States will automatically be the leader in technology in the future.

Weekend Voices: Hear Again 9/20/08

Producer: Jim Campbell;  Host: Amy Browne

From the WERU Archives: Art and Science

How did Paul Sullivan get started in music?  What are some alternative voting systems that might provide propostional representation more effectively?  How do you mathematially divide something fairly among four or more people with no one feeling slighted?

Paul Sullivan, Composer and Musician, River Music, Brooklin, Maine
Alan D. Taylor, Professor of Mathematics, Union College, Schenectedy, NY