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Coastal Conversations 12/23/22: Maine Holiday Seafood Celebrations, Past and Present

Producer/Host: Natalie Springuel

Coastal Conversations: Conversations with people who live, work, and play on the Maine coast, hosted by the University of Maine Sea Grant Program.

This month:
In honor of the holiday season, our show features “Maine holiday seafood celebrations, past and present.” We are excited to talk with three women from coastal Maine who write about food and history, about Maine and nature, about travel and much more.

Our guests will share ideas for seafood recipes to treat your family and friends over the holidays. They will help us explore how the perceptions of seafood in Maine have changed over the decades and centuries, from the Wabanaki to the New England Colonists, from the mid- 1900’s to the present. From their perspectives as cook and authors, our guests will explore modern day issues such as wild fisheries and aquaculture. And most of all, they will get you excited to experiment with seafood in the kitchen this holiday season.

-Seafood recipes and cooking tips
-New Englander’s changing thoughts about and appreciation for seafood
-Three cooks perspectives on fisheries and aquaculture in Maine


Sandy Oliver, food historian, food writer and columnist, from Islesboro in Penobscot Bay
Marnie Reed Crowell: conservationist, natural history writer, poet and scallop cookbook author from Sunset on Deer Isle
Nancy Harmon Jenkins: writer, historian, cook, traveler, and storyteller from Camden

About the host:

Natalie Springuel has hosted Coastal Conversation’s since 2015, with support from the University of Maine Sea Grant where she has served as a marine extension associate for 20 years. In 2019, Springuel received an award for Public Affairs programming from the Maine Association of Broadcasters for the Coastal Conversations show called “Portland’s Working Waterfront.” Springuel is passionate about translating science, sharing stories, and offering a platform for multiple voices to weigh in on complex coastal and ocean issues. She has recently enrolled in audio production training at Maine Media Workshop to dive deeper into making great community radio.