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Talk of the Towns 6/10/16

Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Studio Engineer: John Greenman

Program Topic: Maine Farmland Trust and Maine’s Food System

Key Discussion Points:

Brief overview of MFT mission and history, starting with its land trust model
How has MFT evolved to a more comprehensive approach you now embrace (land conservation, land access, farm viability, food access, outreach, arts)
What is the vision for a regional food hub and tell about development of the Unity Food Hub, and how it helps farmers, food processors and consumers
What is the Farm-Link program and how does it match available farm land & willing farmers
How does MFT support farmers in develop the skills they need for success on the land and in the marketplace?
What is the Veggies for All program?
What are the opportunities and challenges for farms like Songbird Farm in Unity

Sara Trunzo, Veggies For All Director, Maine Farmland Trust
Colleen Hanlon-Smith, operations manager, Unity Food Hub
Adam Nordell, Songbird Farm, Unity

Talk of the Towns 5/13/16

Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: Community concerns and opportunities

Program Topic: Going to Market: The Science and Safety of developing new food product in Maine

Key Discussion Points:
How do entrepreneurs make use of the services of University of Maine Cooperative Extension to develop and test new, value-added food products?
Using three examples (Soybeans to tofu, blueberrys to tea and development of a barbeque sauce), how have entrepreneurs addressed concerns about marketability and food safety?
What other advice do Cooperative Extension faculty and successful entrepreneurs have for folks interested in developing food products using raw materials and ingredients from Maine?

Beth Calder, Extension Food Science Specialist, UMaine
Jason Bolton, Extension Food Safety Specialist, UMaine
Kevin Burgoyne, Rosssam LLC, BBQ Sauce
Theresa Gaffney Highland Blueberry Farm, Stockton Springs
Jeff Wolovitz, Heiwa Tofu, Belfast