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Talk of the Towns 2/28/14

Producer/Host: Ron Beard
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: Community concerns and opportunities

Program Topic: Serving in local town government

Key Discussion Points:
1. Each guest is asked for a thumbnail description of their town: geography, rough description of make of town population, main economic activities
2. What first inspired you to serve, and has that inspiration changed any over the years?
3. How has your town progressed over the years… any particular accomplishments you had a hand in? Has your town evolved, shaped by events and reactions, or are there elements of preparing for and directing change? What were key “pivot” points in recent history?
4. What are some of the challenges or hot button issues in your town, and how are you (your town) approaching them?
5. What are some of the challenges in the process of local government?
6. Any advice to listeners who might wish to get involved in local government, on volunteer boards or running for local office?
7.Wrap up- What gives you hope and inspiration as you look forward in your towns?

a. Jill Goldthwait, former State Senator, former Town Council Chair in Bar Harbor
b. Bill Thayer, Selectman, Gouldsboro
c. Gary Fortier, City Council Ellsworth
d. John Bannister, Selectman, Blue Hill (by phone)