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RadioActive 3/11/10

Producer/Host: Meredith DeFrancesco

Not many Mainers may realize it, but trash processing and disposal is a growth industry in Maine. A number of quick moving policy changes and bills making their way through the state legislature are slated to expand commercial waste facilities, further increase the stream of out of state waste being processed and disposed of in Maine, and would re-define what is considered “green energy”, despite the environmental costs of burning trash and producing land fill methane.
On today’s program we share reporting done by Indymedia correspondent Hillary Lister. We also interview Debbie Gibbs, selectperson for Alton, which borders the West Old Town waste facility, and Gloria Fredrick, long time resident of Norridgewock, the location of Maine’s only remaining commercial waste facility, since the 1989 ban on such dumps. Current propose policy changes seek to overturn that ban.