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Notes from the Electronic Cottage 11/1/12

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

As we clean up in the physical world from Hurricane Sandy, let’s do a little clean up in the digital world as well by looking at some recent developments in research on smart meter privacy hazards, and on Amazon’s occasional forays into removing stuff from your Kindle that you bought and paid for.

And if you’d like to find out how to avoid having Amazon “repossess” books you have bought, you may want to take a look at

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 7/21/11

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Facebook, the Apple Store, Amazon’s Kindle and ebook store – all are great conveniences for many people. But looked at from another point of view, they are essentially walled gardens that keep their customers inside, hemmed in by technological walls. And they are changing the nature of the web. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Let’s think about that question for a few minutes.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 7/23/09

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

When you buy a book in print form, you own the book and can do what you want with it – you’re in control of that purchase. When you buy a book in electronic form, you own it and can do what you want with it and are in control of that purchase – not! A look at the Amazon Kindle or at new automotive technologies reminds us that control in the physical world and control in the electronic realm can be two very different things.