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Special: Afghan youth volunteering in Kabul refugee camp; Fast for Yemen 1/29/19

Producer/Host: Carolyn Coe

Afghan youth volunteering in Kabul refugee camp; Fast for Yemen

Key Discussion Points:
What are the challenges for Afghans living in one of Kabul’s refugee camps? What was the experience of a Afghan teenager volunteering in the camp?
What was the purpose of the Fast for Yemen? What is the role of direct action–of a vigil, a fast, and nonviolent disobedience–in calling for justice, and peace?


Elina Moradyar, Afghan Peace Volunteer, volunteer life skills teacher in Police Camp, Kabul
Ramzia, life skills student and IDP, Kabul
Obaida, life skills student and IDP, Kabul
Vigilers at the Fast for Yemen:
Alice Sturm Sutter
Richenda Kramer
Brian Terrell
Bud Courtney
Maya Evans
Ed Kinane
Kathy Kelly

Voices for Creative Nonviolence,

WERU Special 2/15/17: Refugees, education and child labor

Producer/Host: Carolyn Coe

The program describes the dangerous and expensive journey of refugees fleeing the war-torn lands of Syria and Iraq. It introduces three refugees living and waiting in Athens, Greece, sharing the challenges they face and their hopes for the future. The program also shares the perspective of a child laborer in Kabul, who sells onions on the street to help earn money for his family.

Nour Ahmad
Yasmin (pseudonym)
and Shazad

Orange House (Zaatar NGO) Facebook link:

WERU Special: Borderfree Radio Afghanistan & Street Kids Project 3/5/15

Producer/Host: Carolyn Coe

Borderfree Radio in Kabul, Afghanistan
Street Kids Project

In Kabul, Afghanistan, a group of high school and college students have come together as the Afghan Peace Volunteers. At the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre and throughout their community, they work to build sustainable alternatives to the status quo.
In January, 2015, some of the Afghan Peace Volunteers formed a radio team and launched Borderfree Radio with the aim of sharing their work with a larger community and of promoting a life of nonviolence. Their first radio program features the voices of some of Kabul’s street children.
Why do Kabul’s street children want their own school?
How do the Afghan Peace Volunteers see their society? their city?
In what concrete ways does the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre work to promote understanding and nonviolence?

Borderfree Radio broadcast:
Zarghuna, host
Street children: Mehdi , Ismael, Fatima, and Rahul
Interpreters: Bismillah, Hakim, Zahidi, and Abdulhai

Separate interviews:
Afghan Peace Volunteers: Zarghuna, Zahidi Sakina (Zarghuna, interpreter), Masood Sultani, Hoor Arifi and Farzana Safari (Hakim, interpreter)


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