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Talk of the Towns 4/25/14

Producer/Host: Ron Beard
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Program Topic: Island Readers and Writers inspires passion for reading and learning

Key Discussion Points:
Jan Coates describes the origins and evolution of Island Readers and Writers
IRW has many examples of engaging young minds… share examples and what elements make them successful
What has been the involvement of teachers and parents in IRW programs… how have you gained their trust?
How do you choose your books and authors? What do authors gain from their participation—what difference does it make to a child to meet and discuss writing and reading with an author
Kim Ridley gives a thumbnail description of The Secret Pool, and how it is being received, awards…
What has it been like for you and your colleague Rebecca Ray to take The Secret Pool into schools for IRW?
What have you learned about yourself as a writer through participation?)
Jenifer Judd McGee describes what inspired her to get involved?
What are your children’s experiences?
How have you seen IRW make a difference in their lives and the lives of other children?
How is Island Readers and Writers structured and supported?
Website and contact info:

Guests :
Jan Coates, Executive Director, Island Readers and Writers
Jenifer Judd McGee, Board Member, Island Readers and Writers
Kim Ridley, Author, The Secret Pool