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Notes from the Electronic Cottage 3/24/16

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

The FBI’s effort to force Apple in court to write a new operating system to weaken Apple’s encryption on the iPhone has drawn a lot of attention about legal and constitutional issues. But there are other far-reaching implications if Apple is ultimately force to do that. Today let’s look at some of the political, economic, and civil liberties implications of this case.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 3/17/16

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

The Apple vs FBI encryption case goes on, and will for some time. A former National Security Advisor has said that the FBI is looking for a precedent in the Apple case. What does that mean? And what could the implications be if the FBI succeeds in having Apple gut its security system under government order? Let’s speculate a bit.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 3/10/16

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

By now, pretty much everyone has heard about the FBI’s attempt to get Apple to write a new operating system to make it possible for the FBI to access whatever is on Syed Farook’s iPhone. There has been a lot of bluster and blather by politicians and self-proclaimed pundits. There’s a lot at stake in this case (really these cases – another has arisen in NY), so maybe it would be wise to begin with what we know as facts, as opposed to what we’ve heard as speculation.