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Notes from the Electronic Cottage 8/31/17

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Voice controlled tech is becoming more and more a part of many people’s daily lives. Those voice controlled Internet of Things devices are really convenient – whether smart phones or baby monitors or personal assistants like Siri or Google Now or Amazon Echo. But what happens when devices are controlled not by the owner’s voice but by sounds that the owner can’t hear. Some researchers decided to find out – and they did. Here’s the story.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 3/2/17

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Some estimates suggest that there could be 50 billion connected devices in the world by 2020 making up a huge web that many refer to as the Internet of Things (IoT). From interconnected devices in our cars to our homes to our children’s toys and beyond, we humans are going to be interacting regularly with often artificially intelligent sensors and electronic devices. Are we ready to handle them all? A recent report from the Community Computing Consortium raises some pretty important questions. If you’d like to see the whole report yourself, take a look at

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 2/19/15

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

The Internet of Things is on its way, whether we like it or not. While its supporters promise great benefits in terms of convenience and new capabilities, there is also the other side to consider. With everything connected to the web, piles of personal information will be passing back and forth among “smart” objects ranging from our cars, our TVs, our clothes, and b even our bathroom scales. As we know, nothing is really safe on the web, so what will the availability of all that information mean for our personal lives as the Internet of Things grows over the coming years?