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Talk of the Towns 12/14/12

Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Engineer: Amy Browne
Issue: Community concerns and opportunities

Program Topic: Someone’s in the Kitchen: New Life at Halcyon Grange

Key Discussion Points:
1. Paint the scene- If we were to visit Halcyon Grange, on Route 15 North Blue Hill, on a typical program, who would we see, what would we hear?
2. What is the back story—history of Halcyon Grange and its relationship to the state and national Grange Movement?
3. News of my Passing is premature…the lights of many Granges have winked out… what led to the revitalization of Halcyon Grange? What’s the connection between the Grange of the past and the revitalized Grange of today? (Progressive force, connecting rural people)
4. Someone’s in the Kitchen…What is the idea for the community kitchen and where are you in the process?
5. Phone interview with Richard Marble: Introduce us to Farmington and tell us about the Farmington Grange… brief recap of recent history and creation of your community kitchen… who uses it, how does it work? What difference is it making in Farmington and surrounding communities? What is your hope for the future?
6. Phone interview with Brent Hutchins: What is Lamoine Community Arts and what array of programs and events do you sponsor? What is your connection to the Grange in Lamoine? How did you develop that relationship? What are the keys for making this relationship successful for both LCA and the Grange? What does the future hold?
8. Questions and comments from listeners
9. Wrap up: Contact info for Halcyon Grange, and what inspires you, gives you hope for the future of the Grange, local agriculture and the communities hereabouts?

A) John Gandy, Grange Master, Halcyon Grange
B)Phil Retburg, Grange Member and local farmer
C)John Tyler, Capital Campaign Chair, Grange Member
D)Richard Marble, Grange member, Farmington Grange (by phone)
E) Brent Hutchins, Lamoine Community Arts (by phone)

Call In Program: Yes