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Notes from the Electronic Cottage 9/24/15

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Know anyone, including yourself, that has had hackers infect a computer and make what’s on it unavailable to the owner unless the owner pays a ransom? If not, you’re lucky – so far – because this kind of ransomware hack is becoming increasingly common, and it could cost a user hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get access back to the owner’s own computer. Here’s the story.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 8/13/15

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

It’s August which means blueberries here in Maine, and means hacker conferences out in Las Vegas. The Internet of Things was center stage out there, and, sure enough, there is a serious security flaw in how all those “smart” devices in our homes and on our bodies communicate with one another which could result in some pretty unpleasant consequences around the house.