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RadioActive 9/14/17

Producer: Meredith DeFrancesco

Greater Bangor Solarize Initiative and End Violence Together Rally and March

-As the size and intensity of hurricanes hitting Houston, Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico are linked to the increased temperatures and moisture brought on by global warming, people across the country and Maine step up initiatives to accelerate a transition to solar energy through grassroots action.
-Greater Bangor Solarize is one of these initiatives – a program offering discounted costs and aid in accessing resources and installation. Bangor is joining other communities in the Br Harbor, Mid-coast, Waterville and Freeport areas in initiating the “solarize” model to accelerate a transition to solar energy. The deadline to participate in Greater Bangor Solarize is September 30th.
-We also look towards this Saturday’s annual End Violence Together March and Rally in downtown Bangor.

Karen Marysdaughter, coordinator Greater Bangor Solarize
Amy Hughes, Eastern Maine Peace and Justice Center