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Coastal Conversations 5/22/15

Guest host Catherine Schmitt
Studio Engineers: Amy Browne & Matt Murphy

Issue: Maine coastal and ocean issues

Program Topic: The Spring Running: Fish Migration in Penobscot River and Bay

Key Discussion Points:
Maine’s coastal rivers are home to several species of fish that are “sea run” or diadromous – they spend part of their lives in the ocean but return to freshwater to spawn. Many towns continue to gain income from the harvest of alewives and blueback herring, which are sold for lobster bait.
Maine’s coastal communities are working to restore habitat for migratory food fishes, taking such actions as replacing drainage infrastructure with fish-friendly culverts, installing fish ladders, and removing dams.

Oliver Cox of the Maine Department of Marine Resources
Jeffrey Pierce of Alewife Harvesters of Maine
Tara Lake of NOAA Fisheries