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RadioActive 1/3/13

Producer/Host: Meredith DeFrancesco

Program Topic: Reaction to Fiscal Cliff Deadline; Occupy Sandy relief work; Rally of Unity on first day of Maine’s 126th Legislature; update on Bisphenol-A ban

Key Discussion Points:
a) Today we look at the state of the union after the so called fiscal cliff deadline.
b)We peak with a Maine activist who participated in Occupy Sandy relief work .
c)And we speak with a participant in the Alliance for Common about the Janu 8th Rally for Unity in Augusta on the first day of Maine 126th Legislature.
d) Update: the Environmental Health Strategy Center reported today that the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has recommended that the state Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) should reject a citizen petition to remove the toxic plastic additive Bisphenol-A , or BPA, from the packaging for baby and toddler food sold in Maine. The DEP did support the ban covering infant formula cans. The BEP has authority to make the final decision, despite administration recommendations. They meet on January 17th and take a final vote on January 24th. The legislature would have to approve any decision. We will cover this on future programs.


Kevin Simowitz, organizer with the Maine Peoples Alliance
Mary Brennan, Maine resident and WERU volunteer, volunteer with Occupy Sandy in New York
Chris Buchanan, organizer with Defending Water for Life, Stop the East West Corridor, and the Alliance for a Common Good.