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Healthy Options 12/5/18

Producer/Host: Rhonda Feiman
Production Assistance: Petra Hall
Studio Engineer: John Greenman

Financial health and how that relates to all aspects of our well-being.

Key Discussion Points:
a) How is financial health related to our well being?
b) What are the emotional components of financial health?
c) How do our earliest lessons about money affect us as adults?
d) What is the difference between our financial needs and wants?
e) What techniques can be used to help us work with our core financial beliefs and achieve financial safety?
f) How do we know what financial safety is?
g) What are the challenges that couples face in navigating differences in financial core beliefs?

Ruth Hayden, Ruth L. Hayden & Associates
Nationally-recognized financial consultant, educator and author. She is one of the first financial consultants to recognize the relationship between our emotions and money. This field is now known as Behavioral Finance.

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