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Talk of the Towns 3/9/18

Producer/Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Engineer: Amy Browne

Making Ellsworth a Model Green Community

Key Discussion Points:
What led to interest in making Ellsworth a model green community? (Climate change, pride in community, etc.) What were the various strands that made up the whole case to take action?
What were your initial steps as you got organized (listening to community members)? Steering Committee role, etc
What are the aspects of your work going forward? Examples of baseline info and projects? (mention all, but go into detail, depending on guests)
Green and conserved spaces
Waterfront, Waterways and Water Management
Sustainable Maintenance and Environmental Interface
Waste Management/Recycling/ Composting
Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency/Public Transportation
Sustainable Development
What challenges are you facing? What are you learning about this work?
How can citizens learn more and get involved?

Mary Blackstone, Ellsworth Garden Club
Aaron Dority, Frenchman Bay Conservancy
Brett Ciccotelli, Downeast Salmon Federation

Maine Arts Alive 10/23/12

Host: Michael Donahue
Engineer: Amy Browne
Issue: Arts
Program Topic: Past, Present and Future of The Grand
a) How did The Grand come about?
b) What role does The Grand play in the greater Ellsworth community?
c) What are the plans for the future for The Grand?
A) Zoe Alexis Scott, Executive Director, The Grand, Ellsworth, Maine
B) Charles Alexander, Board President, The Grand, Ellsworth, Maine

Call-In Program: yes