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WERU Special 2/15/17: Refugees, education and child labor

Producer/Host: Carolyn Coe

The program describes the dangerous and expensive journey of refugees fleeing the war-torn lands of Syria and Iraq. It introduces three refugees living and waiting in Athens, Greece, sharing the challenges they face and their hopes for the future. The program also shares the perspective of a child laborer in Kabul, who sells onions on the street to help earn money for his family.

Nour Ahmad
Yasmin (pseudonym)
and Shazad

Orange House (Zaatar NGO) Facebook link:

Coastal Conversations 8/26/16

Producer/Host: Natalie Springuel

Program Topic: Young mariners go to college and graduate school

Key Discussion Points:
1. Cutting edge research conducted by College and graduate students in the Gulf of Maine
2. Research topics covered: Seabirds, clams, scallops, fisheries, aquaculture, water quality, communications.
3. The role of students in helping address important coastal and marine issues.

Caitlin Cleaver, PhD student at UMaine 
Bailey Moritz, a 2016 graduate of Bowdoin College
Tyler Quiring, PhD student at UMaine
Kate Schlepr, College of the Atlantic alumna and current graduate student at the University of New Brunswick in Canada
Caroline Brown and Mikey Cornish, students at College of the Atlantic

RadioActive 9/29/11

Producer/Host: Meredith DeFrancesco
Program Topic: The lack of civil rights history in US education; October 2011 demonstration in DC

Key Discussion Points:
We discuss the recent findings of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s study, which shows the dismal inadequacy of civil rights history taught in schools in the United States.
We hear from two organizers of the October 2011 demonstration “ to demand that America’s resources be invested in human needs and environmental protection instead of war and exploitation.”
As Occupy Wall Street gains momentum, and the beginning of media attention, we reflect on the movement and sentiment.

Maureen Costello, Southern Poverty Law Center
Lisa Simeone, October 2011 organizer
Maria Allwine, October 2011


Notes from the Electronic Cottage 10/23/08

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Interested in college level learning but don’t have the time or the financial wherewithal to sign up for a course at a college or university?  The web might have just what you need – college level course materials, textbooks and journal articles, and even software to take notes and do assignments – and all of it is free.   Here are some places to begin or advance your education at your own pace in your own home.