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Coastal Conversations 9/23/16

Producer/Host: Natalie Springuel
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Program Topic: the next generation of leaders in the fishing industry

Key Discussion Points:
a) what are the skills neccesary to be a fisherman today, such as management, marketing, policy and so on
b) the Eastern Maine Skippers program
c) stories from youth learning, and young fishermen

Christina Fifield, Penobscot East Resource Center and Eastern Maine Skippers program
Cyrus Sleeper, fisherman and board member of Maine Lobster marketing collaborative
Grayson, student from North Haven (audio clip)
Dennis Damon, form state senator and board member of Penobscot East Resource center (audio clip)

Talk of the Towns 4/11/14

Producer/Host: Natalie Springuel, University of Maine Sea Grant
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Program Topic: Hands on Learning through Eastern Maine Skippers Program

Key Discussion Points:
Overview of the Skippers Program and how it came to be
How it is connected/separate from Deer Isle/Stonington’s Marine Pathways program
Other schools involved in the Skippers program
Goals, hopes, vision
What makes this program so unique, different, exciting?
The Flounder project
What have the students been up to
In class learning
Hands on learning (the Traps, going to the meetings with DMR, licensing etc)
Tell us about the fishery itself, how it is managed…
What is next or this project
Bigger picture conversation about:
Education and how this program can help non-traditional high school students.
Fisheries management and how this program can help inform the process
What words of advice would you have for today’s:
HS students who want hands on experience?
For educators?
How can people get involved, websites etc

Val Peacock , Sumner High School
Carla Guenther, Penobscot East Resource Center
Todd West, Principle, Deer Isle Stonington High School
Kristen McGovern (science teacher) North Haven
Avery Waterman (student) North Haven

Call In Program: Yes
Political Broadcast: No
Host: Natalie Springuel, University of Maine Sea Grant