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The Nature of Phenology 12/15/18

Producers/Hosts: Hazel Stark and Joe Horn

Eagles at Dams

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As our seasons grow colder and bodies of water freeze, eagles are forced from their summer haunts on lakes, ponds, and large rivers to open water in search of food. The agitation of a surface-drawn dam, or the warm temperatures of a bottom-drawn dam mean that the water downstream is often completely clear of ice which allows the eagles to access their favorite food: fish. But there is a more sinister reality at play. Along with the flow of water, fish that are intent on migrating down our rivers will try to make the leap over or through the dam. Whether simply stunned or killed outright from the poor fish passage of New England’s plethora of antique dams, many of these fish will float up where they are easily observed and snatched by the hungry eagles.