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Healthy Options 10/3/18

Producer/Host: Rhonda Feiman
Production Assistance: Petra Hall
Studio Engineer: John Greenman

Creativity: How to maximize our imagination, productivity, and innovation

Key Discussion Points:
a) What is creativity?
b) How are our brains wired for creativity?
c) Are each of us unique in the ways our brains process information?
d) What are the different brain types and how does each type determine how we see the world and how we are creative in the world?
e) Can we learn to be creative in different ways?
f) Can we practice techniques that can assist us in expanding the range of how we process information and express ourselves?

Guest: Dr. Shelley Carson, research psychologist and lecturer at Harvard University, and the author of Your Creative Brain: Seven Steps to Maximize Imagination, Productivity, and Innovation in Your Life.