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Talk of the Towns 5/8/15

Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Studio Engineer: Joel Mann

Issue: Community concerns and opportunities

Program Topic: Community Energy: Bringing the lessons from Samso to Maine Islands

Key Discussion Points:
o Where in the world is Samso Island, and why is it important to the islands of Maine? What is the “energy profile” for Maine islands?
o What led to the visit to Samso by representatives from Island Institute, College of the Atlantic and residents from Maine’s islands? (include references to Fund for Maine Islands and II and COA partnership)
o What lessons did you find most compelling to bring back to Maine?
o How are you bringing some of these these lessons to Maine islands?
o College of the Atlantic: Making the campus fossil fuel free, Home energy audits and air sealing, storm window inserts, and more, etc
o Island Institute: Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Energy Education and Leadership, Annual island energy conferences, and more, etc
o Projects on Peakes Island, Long Island
o Community Solar project in Bar Harbor
o What are some of the challenges and opportunities you are working with as this collaborative effort goes forward?
o What are some of the small business opportunities that are emerging connected to this work?
o Are there state or federal policy implications for further community and homeowner energy initiatives?
o How can listeners learn more?

Anna Demeo, Director of Energy Education and Management, and Lecturer, College of the Atlantic
Saren Peetz, 4th year Student, College of the Atlantic
Suzanne MacDonald, Community Energy Director, Island Institute
Nate Johnson, Long Island Resident, “Renewable Energy Gateway”
Gary Friedmann, Town Council Member, Bar Harbor,