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RadioActive 2/10/11

Producers: Carolyn Coe and Lindsey Saunders
Host: Amy Browne

Topic: Santurban mine, a proposed gold and silver mine in Colombia

Report highlights the uniqueness and importance of the paramo of Santurban, resistance to Greystar Resources application for an environmental license to extract mineral resources from the area, and community perceptions of the short and long-term effects of a large-scale mining project in the region.

Featured speakers:
Tatiana Rodriguez Maldonado of Friends of the Earth Colombia
Deputy Roberto Schmalbach, president of the department (state)-level assembly of Santander
Andres Fabian Ita, student at the Industrial University of Santander and a member of the ecological collective La Nawal
along with people interviewed at a bus station in Bucaramanga, Colombia

Report by Carolyn Coe and Lindsey Saunders