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WERU Special: Coal 1/12/12

Program Topic: Actions to demand corporate responsibility for human and environmental damage due to coal extraction

Key Discussion Points:
a) In December, WERU talked with Junior Walk of Coal River Mountain Watch and Ben Luckett of Appalachian Mountain Advocates who both shared what they and their organizations are doing to realize their visions for the Appalachian region.
b) Direct actions organized by RAMPS, including tree sits, have disrupted mining plans.
c) Legal action has proven essential for demanding coal company compliance under the Clean Water Act and the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act.
Guests by name and affiliation:
A) Junior Walk, outreach coordinator for Coal River Mountain Watch and activist with RAMPS
B) Ben Luckett, staff attorney for Appalachian Mountain Advocates

Call In Program: n
Political Broadcast: y
Host: Carolyn Coe