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Talk of the Towns 3/8/19

Producer/Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Engineer: Amy Browne

Community concerns and opportunities: Combatting Racism in our schools and our communities

Key Discussion Points:
Can someone offer a definition of racism, one that helps frame your work
Can you distinguish between individual behavior and “institutional” racism?
How does racism “show up” in your experience as high school students and citizens of Mount Desert Island and the state of Maine?
How do you serve as allies to those who are subject to racism in their everyday lives?
What steps are you taken to confront racism in your school and community?
How do we, as a society, confront the racism that is part of our history and persists today?

Students from Mount Desert Island High School Civil Rights Team: Grace Munger, Lily Turner, Dawson Burnett, Finn Baker, Elliot Servaites, Sirohi Kumar, Faith Reece, Lexi Simard, Claire Shaw, Bella Galarza
Michelle Merica, Faculty Advisor, MDI High School Civil Rights Team
Jackie Davidson, Executive Director, YWCA of Mount Desert Island