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Healthy Options 4/2/14

Host and Producer: Cynthia Swan
Engineer: Amy Browne

Program Topic: Medical Cannabis

Key Discussion Points:

a) What is medical cannabis?
B What is guest Megan’s story as she’s a mom giving medical cannabis under an M.D.’s supervision to her 17 month old daughter?
c) How can you ensure accurate dosing with this plant material?s
d) What are the ways that this “medicine” can be delivered to the body?
e) Is one form of delivery better than another? How does one choose?


Alex Liebster, Director of Research & Product Development at Thomas C. Slater Center, Providence, RI and owner of Triple Helix Extract Sciences

Megan Patrick, 3rd grade teacher at Carl J. Lamb Elementary School in Sanford, ME and mom of Addelyn. On Facebook: Maine Epilepsy Families United,