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Healthy Options 3/7/18

Producer/Host: Rhonda Feiman
Production Assistance: Petra Hall

Interview with Florence Williams, author of the book, BREASTS: A Natural and Unnatural History

Key Discussion Points:
What are the cultural attitudes toward women’s breasts?
How do these attitudes translate into how women perceive of themselves and their bodies?
What environmental pollutants, toxins and chemicals affect breasts?
What chemicals are found in breast milk?
Why have we seen a change in the onset of puberty in young girls and boys?
How do hormone disruptors in the environment affect the health of children and adults in relation to reproduction and breast development?
What studies are being done and have been done to show how breast tissue has changed with environmental changes?
What can we do to prevent further unwanted changes in breast milk and breast tissue?

FLORENCE WILLIAMS, author of the book, BREASTS: A Natural and Unnatural History which received the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in science and technology, and the 2013 Audie in general nonfiction. It also earned recognition by the New York Times for being named a notable book of 2012.

Websites of interest:
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In Nov. 2017, Rhonda also interviewed Florence Williams about her book, “The Nature Fix- Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative”

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