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Maine Currents 3/15/17

“Democracy Lives in Truth” Rally & Welcoming City Resolutions in Maine

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Engineer: Joel Mann

Segment 1: Speakers at Saturday’s “Democracy Lives in Truth” rally in Bangor: Sean Faircloth, Kimberly Hammill, Stacy Leafsong and James Varner The rally and march that preceded it were hosted by Mainers for Accountable Leadership and cosponsored by Indivisible: Bangor, Standing For The Common Good, Bangor Racial and Economic Justice Coalition, Food AND Medicine Peace and the Justice Center of Eastern Maine.
Mainers for Accountable Leadership
Indivisible: Bangor
Standing for the Common Good
Bangor Racial & Economic Justice Coalition
Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine
Food AND Medicine:

Segment 2: Several towns in Maine have joined others across the country in adopting what are known as “Welcoming City” resolutions. Today we’re going to talk with some of the organizers: Nicolle Littrell of Belfast, Becca Shaw Glaser of Rockland, Elisabeth Goodridge of Appleton and Betsy Sweet of Hallowell.
Details on Belfast’s petition for a resolution:
BelFem (group organizing Belfast’s efforts to pass a resolution):
Village Soup article about Rockland’s resolution passing:
Appleton’s Resolution reads:
“Appleton is a home to people from all walks of life, whose heritage and origins are diverse, and is a community whose well-being depends on the security, serenity, and mutual respect of all its citizens.
Therefore, Appleton is resolved to respect the dignity of all people, promote civil discourse, and honor diversity in all forms. We as a town and individuals will work to make our community a place where all people feel safe in their homes, on the streets, in our schools, and within the community at large.
Appleton is resolved to be a community where all people are welcome.”

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Maine Currents 12/21/16

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Special thanks to Bill Solomon

This Solstice edition of Maine Currents features stories about holidays, families and winter in Maine. Rev. Dr. Anu Dudley (host of WERU’s “Earthwise” feature which airs Saturdays at 7:30) kicks things off with a look at the history of Solstice celebrations, then we hear from storytellers Marjorie Longwood of Surry, Edee Howland of Blue Hill, Cathy Mink of Waldo and Roger Sprague of Belfast. We close out the hour with some voices from the past- a 2006 holiday special recorded at WERU.

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WERU News Report 11/15/11

Broadcast Time: 4pm

Program Topic: WERU Story Forum: Belfast Edition, Part 1 of 2
Key Discussion Points:
What are some of the things that make Belfast unique?
What are some favorite memories?
How has Belfast changed over the years?

Guests: Recording of participants at the WERU Community Story Forum

Call In Program: No

Host: Amy Browne
Audio recorded by Matt Murphy

Mid-Coast Currents (Debut show) 11/19/10

Producer/Host: John Zavodny, Unity College
Studio Engineer: Joel Mann

Topic: Maine Street Hits The Maine Coast: Downtown Revitalization in Rockland and Belfast

Why is downtown revitalization important to Maine? What is the Main Street program? What initiatives have been undertaken in Belfast and Rockland?

Roxanne Eflin, Program Director, Maine Downtown Center, Maine Development Foundation,, Maine State Coordinator of the National Trust Main Street Center;
Larraine Brown, Project Coordinator, Our Town Belfast
Lorain Francis, Executive Director, Rockland Main Street
Mike Hurley, Belfast City Council

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Talk of the Towns 10/24/08

Producer/Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Topic: Co-housing and local agriculture in Belfast

What is co-housing and where did the concept originate?   How has the proposal for the Belfast Area Ecovillage developed in terms of the people, land and design process?  How does local agriculture intersect with the planned Ecovillage?

Guests: Sanna McKim, Project Manager; Ann Hallee, Equity Member/Farmer; Dyan White, Member of Pioneer Valley Co-housing in Massachusetts; Alan Gibson, Builder

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