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Talk of the Towns 9/11/15

Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: Community concerns and opportunities

Program Topic: Celebrating how our buildings contribute to sense of place

Key Discussion Points:

What do we know about the blending of European techniques with what early settlers and builders found in Native American structures… how had Native Americans solved some of the problems of shelter—keeping the weather out, keeping warmth in, functionality?

What housing traditions and innovations did the Europeans bring to North America?

Trace the evolution of New England/Maine architecture… what examples can we point to that we can see today? Comment on residential, commercial and public buildings… are their towns that retain this mix? What did those early builders/designers know about relationship between built and natural environments, including siting buildings on the land

Trace the development and application of “shingle-style” and how did that spread more broadly

How have each of you worked with equally compelling pulls—the pull to honor the vernacular and the ways in which New England architecture fit itself into the landscape — and the equally compelling desire to innovate, to build something new? Favorite examples of “restoration”?

Can we have it all—buildings that fit into the landscape, sustain us, conserve energy resources and are affordable not just to the wealthy? (is smaller beautiful?)

What continues to inspire… take listeners on your favorite drive or village walk to see and celebrate our building heritage?

Roc Caivano, retired architect, Bar Harbor
Robert Knight, Knight Associates Architects, Blue Hill
Barbara Sassaman, designer, draftsperson, Chair, Bar Harbor Design

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